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Good books/articles on Industrial Archaeology
Hi all,

I'm wondering if you fine people can recomend any good guides on industrial archaeology. It seems this information is going to be extremely useful for me to know about in the near future.

Can you narrow that down? Big difference between an open air rope-walk (couple of groups of postholes 500m apart) and a munitions factory (3 square miles of concrete)....
De re metallica
Good piccies (so ideal for the average archaeologist) and background on processes :face-approve:

Bit light on how to actually go about digging the stuff up and what you're going to be poisoned by in the process thoughxx(
....has anyone ever a done a handy guide for diggers on things-you-shouldn't-poke-you-finger-into-if-you-don't-want-all-your-skin-to-fall-off for those of you without A-level chemistry/physics?
owt by Arthur Raistrick too.
Thanks very much for the suggestions so far, in answer to this question:

Quote:Can you narrow that down? Big difference between an open air rope-walk (couple of groups of postholes 500m apart) and a munitions factory (3 square miles of concrete)....

At the moment, good introductions to the topic, particulary where I can learn key terminology. I've always been a bit of fan of prehistoric stuff tbh, now I'm coming up against more industrial stuff in my current job and would like to get to grips asap with this decidedly more recent materials!
Try "Dictionary of Industrial Archaeology" William Jones ISBN 0-7509-1021-6
Nice bit of bed time reading

I agree with Vulpes: De Metallica and anything by Raistrick are very good. I would also recommend anything by Ronadl Tilecote if you are interested in the history of the iron indusrty.

My favourite book: Straker, Wealden iron. I used to wander aroud Ashdown Forest following Straker's excellent guide to furnace and smithying sites. Still pretty relevant 80 years after its original publication...
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Not much to contribute but I have a copy of the Dictionary of Industrial Archaeology I'm looking to get rid of.

I bought it when I was working on a lot of industrial sites, but now I'm in the office, it's not much use.

Probably about ?5 and postage.

PM me if you're interested.

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