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Oxford Arch's ' CO-ORDONNATEUR DE PROGRAMME' position
I wouldn't know Madweasels. We don't take the Torygraph in this household.
and I also don't have a 'leader' thanks Cool
but you care a bit
Reason: your past is my past
Unit, if I could read your post I would doubtless have something to say in response. But....
all I can add is my unstinting admiration for your avatar. :face-approve:
its all about you isnt it
Reason: your past is my past
Back on track peeps or I start hitting delete button
So, to get this back on track, Oxford Archaeology have advertised (on BAJR) a post which meets the BAJR standards and minima and presumably (as they're an IfA RO) the IfA standards and minima.

So, sorry, what was this thread about again? Where's the problem exactly? :face-huh:
trainedchimp Wrote:As opposed to their Carlisle office, which is another 60 or so miles further from the dreaming spires...

Since when did they have a Carlisle office?
since about the time they took over the Millenium post-ex. It's the old Carlisle/Bradford Uni one. It may have closed down now as I last saw stuff posted there about 18 months ago...

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