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Reducing Archaeological Risk In Construction
Reducing Archaeological Risk In Construction And Reaping The Rewards
Archaeological remains provide important evidence of the past development of our civilization and are irreplaceable. For construction clients and contractors, failure to follow accepted archaeological good practice and comply with planning guidance during the planning, design and construction process can potentially lead to lengthy delays to projects, legal proceedings and damage to the reputation of the companies involved.

CIRIA's new project Managing archaeological risk in construction (RP741), to be delivered via a project team comprising CIRIA, the Museum of London Archaeology Service (MOLAS), Scott Wilson and the Institute of Field Archaeologists (IFA), aims to develop a best practice guide for construction clients and contractors on managing risks and maximising benefits from archaeology on construction sites. The guide will enable the user to fully understand and comply with planning guidance on archaeology and the historic environment; integrating archaeology into the project process and will demonstrate the ways in which archaeology or heritage matters may enhance or add value to a development.

CIRIA is currently seeking funding partners for the project and for the dissemination relating to this project. (I have already offered dissemination and support as well as the fine brains on this forum)

If you are interested in funding the project, sponsoring events, or wish to find out more about this project visit

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