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Ask a Curator Day.. live on the 1st September!
Ask a Curator Day

On Wednesday 1st September RCAHMS is participating in 'Ask a Curator Day'. A unique worldwide question and answer session, the initiative allows anyone to put questions directly to archive, museum and gallery curators live on the web.
?Ask a Curator? is hosted on the popular website Twitter, where you can find out how to take part, see a list of participating cultural venues, or follow the questions other people are asking.
RCAHMS staff ready to answer your questions from 9.30am to 5pm GMT are:
  • Iain Anderson - architecture and building recording
  • Kyle Armstrong and Laura Masterton - accessing our resources
  • Iain Fraser - archaeology
  • Philip Graham - education and outreach
  • Kirsty Lingstadt and Jennie Marshall - caring for our collections
  • Anne Martin - our photographic processes
  • Kevin McLaren - aerial photography
  • Sharon McMeekin - digital archiving
  • Emma St John - conservation of architectural drawings


The Full website for the worldwide event...

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