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Student looking for Placements
Hi all

I'm a bio arch student about to start my second year. I'm currently looking around and sent some emails off looking for placements for next summer and through my third year, but as yet not heard anything.

My main interests are in human remains and wet archaeology such as cess pits. I took part in an excavation at Fewston last May/June excavating a graveyard in prep for the church expansion.

Anyone know anywhere looking for students for placements? I live in Bradford but would be prepared to travel. I also have few bits of equipment which inc steel capped boots and wellies...will give anything ago.

Please drop me an email or skype me, CV available to anyone who wishes to see it and also includes full details of excavations previously taken part in.

Its a tough market.

Just remeber that you'll be probably working for next to nothing for the privelidge.

Don't let anyone take advantage of you as free labour, or PX unless you think its really that good an opportunity, but dont let anyone convince you that anything will come from it other than the experience, it STILL is and will remain that tough.

your best bet is probably phoning around departments (not necessarily university) to see what advice they can offer

any info that goes up here is going to be freely available and is for everyone as a chance, not for certs.

People are going to be busy for awhile so don't expect immediate responses.

Think about what you want to do?

Think about how to get there?

Think about what you need?

Think about what the reponses are in relation to what you think is RIGHT, in terms of recognition for work done

Think about how if nothing comes from it, whether it would be worth it and then go for what ever you reakon

catch 22 I'm afraid

not again
Indeed it is great that she is being so proactive in looking for experience, and I seriously hope that some one out there give her a chance, I have the feeling that they will get someone who is committed to archaeology. She had been put onto BAJR by a friend, and I discussed with her, some options, but hoped that a direct 'appeal' on the Forum, may produce results. So if you are out there, deal with osteology or wetland excavation, then get in touch with her. (click the name, then you can send an email or even pm her)

good luck to you
Thank you for the replies thus far. I don't start back at uni till 27th Sept so anyone got anything they could use an extra pair of hands with before then, especially if local to Bradford then by all means drop me an IM or something
Come on peeps... get back from Bank Holiday... have a look... and make an offer... here is a person who deserves a helping hand... :face-smart:
Thanks to a suggestion from Kel I have been offered a placement next summer, so that's 2 weeks out of the needed 52 weeks placement for uni. Just another 50 weeks at least to fill....anyone??
surely we can do this.... Come on the placementometer is at 2 weeks lets get it higher
Hi Bonesgirl

Not sure if it would be bones/wetland but try:

Your local unit (so for you ASWYAS in Morley)
Your local community archaeology dig/society (probably Keith Boughey at the Stanbury Hill project or the Friends of Baildon Moor)
Watershed Landscapes community archaeologist - Gavin Edwards (there is community work in planning stage for Baildon Moor)
Big organisations sometimes are more forthcoming for long work experience placements e.g. whole summer but tend not to be hands on stuff. Try the local HER if you don't mind office work (trying to keep this generalised for other readers), EH (they're doing work at Starr carr wetlands I believe), museums, consultancies (lots of these in Leeds, depends if they're busy or have free time, again prob not fieldwork)
Also ask the Bradford placement advisor which agencies are on his/her list of regulars in the local area and approach them for something more informal

I appreciate the point of the person who said 'don't get taken advantage of' however it does take staff time to train up a person before they become useful to a business. Paid work experience is rare and although I did get expenses when I volunteered as a student that wasn't in the middle of a recession. Once you're no longer a raw beginner then you can negotiate a bit more. On the other hand you shouldn't be set to a single task and left to it (such as flotting a whole site's env remains) as this isn't training. Work shadowing can be good - find some one with a job you fancy and just ask to follow them in their daily duties. Volunteering is an investment in your future pay, makes you contacts, cuts down the time taken to get a job and speeds up your career progression so keep persisting until you find something that suits you

Good luck.
one girl went to dig, went to dig a meadow...
Though I'd add my two-pence worth, as I was in the same position as you a few years ago, doing the same course. The department at Bradford, from what I remember, was pretty good about advertising placements, including a few paid ones. I found a three month placement with Birmingham Archaeology like that, and I think there's generally a twelve month MoD placement advertised each year. If you're looking for bone-type places, the BARC always offers a couple of semester-long placements, and there are usually post-excavation places related to the training digs.

The main thing is not to worry if you don't hear back from many places just yet. I had friends who were half-way through their first placements before they found their second (mostly due to laziness Smile ), but they still made it through the year okay. The department staff were a big help to me, so make the most of them.

Good luck with your search! With how proactive you're being, you're bound to find something you'll enjoy.
Thanks for all the support, feedback and suggestions guys really appreciate it. Luck maybe shining on me of late I may have another possible placement in the pipeline and the one is Salisbury is a confirmed and accomadation booked Smile

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