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The Lake-Dwellings of Europe: Munro Trust International Seminar
Just spotted this on twitter, looks like a really really interesting seminar, with some of the greats right there!

Quote:Friday 22nd October to Saturday 23rd October in the Archaeology Department, Old High School Yards, University of Edinburgh, Entry ?20

The Munro Trust, University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland are organising an International Seminar to commemorate the Centenary of the Munro Trust. The seminar will open on the evening of Friday 22nd October at Old High School Yards, University of Edinburgh and continue over Saturday 23rd October.
An exciting line-up of international speakers has been put together to introduce the latest work on lake dwellings across Europe. The conference leaflet and poster are now available for download.
Tickets are available through the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.


Friday 22nd October, 5.30pm

Evening lecture: A Man changed by Darwin

Dr David Clarke, National Museums Scotland

Saturday 23rd October Morning

9.00 Registration and Coffee
9.45 Welcome Dr Magdalena Midgley, University of Edinburgh
10.00 The Bronze Age village at B?schen on the Greifensee, Switzerland, Dr. Ulrich Ruoff, Z?rich, Switzerland
10.30 Crannogs and chronologies, Dr Anne Crone, AOC Archaeology Group, Edinburgh
11.00 Coffee
11.30 Neolithic and Bronze Age wetland sites of the north European Plain, Prof. Johannes M?ller,
Christian-Albrechts Univer sit?t,Kiel

12.00 140 years of lake dwelling archaeology on Chalain and Clairvaux lakeshores, Maxence Bailly, Universit? de Provence
12.30 Questions/Discussion
13.00 Lunch

Saturday 23rd October Afternoon

14.00 Arbon Bleiche 3 (Switzerland) - socio-historical insights into a lake dwelling site from Neolithic times,
Dr Thomas Doppler, University of Basle, Switzerland
14.30 Copper artifacts of the Mondsee group and their possible sources, Dr. Carolin Frank Eberhard Karls Universit?t, T?bingen
15.00 Coffee
15.30 Crannogs as buildings: the evolution of interpretation, Dr Graeme Cavers, AOC Archaeology Group, Edinburgh
16.00 Excavating Crannogs after Munro, Dr Jon Henderson, Nottingham University, UK
16.30 Questions/Discussion
16.50 Concluding remarks, Dr Simon Gilmour, Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Thanks Stef.s, I was just about to post this up.

Booking form on the leaflet or contact to get tickets



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