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Past Horizons Magazine - Adventures in Archaeology - 13
Past Horizons Magazine - Adventures in Archaeology
Issue 13 - August 2010

Maggie, Felicity and David would like to welcome you back to our online magazine of archaeology from around the world.... and with exciting news about changes in the format.

This is however another packed edition and we actually enjoy it more and more every time, and hope you do too!

view it here:

or here if the first link does not work for you:

This will be the last flip-page as we move to a rolling news system. But with up to the minute reports from around the world, written just for Past Horizons, with breaking news in heritage and archaeology. No more waiting for the news, when it happens here!

If you love archaeology and want to share it, let people know about Past Horizons, bringing you unique archaeology projects, news, articles from top archaeologists from around the world and of course the archaeology tools that help archaeologists work well, no matter the site!

Best wishes and thank you for your support over the years... now enjoy.

In this issue:

Delancey Park

Delancey Park on the island of Guernsey is a Neolithic gallery grave. One of only three in the Channel Islands, it comprises two parallel lines of stone that extend for around nine-and-a-half metres from east to west, and this year Clifford Antiquarian Club began excavations on the site with some promising results.

With only limited display and storage space the Wallingford museum in England made plans to build a timber frame extension to their existing medieval building. In order to fulfil that dream, the townsfolk of Wallingford joined ranks to raise the necessary funds to give their museum a whole new lease of life.

Project Archaeology
An award-winning educational team from America explains why the use of archaeology is helping young people appreciate the places and objects that define the past.

Follow the Texas Foundation for Archaeological and Historical Research in their quest to find Bylazora, the largest city of the Paionians, who occupied territory to the north of ancient Macedon. Find out how their third digging season is progressing through their weekly dig diary.

Children and teachers from Aboyne academy in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, adopt a variety of archaeological techniques to discover more about the small, abandoned settlement of Auchtavan.

Shielings played a significant part in the rural practices of the Highlands of Scotland until the 19th century. Archaeologist Fiona Baker explains where to locate them and describes their particular functions.

Editorial Making way for change.

News Stories from around the world.

Exhibition Focus Alexander the Great and Unearthed?s ancient clay figures from East and West.

A Digger?s Life: Si Clegget discusses children in history.

Profile: Fiona Baker.

Dig In: Current excavation opportunities.

Dig Cook: Culinary escapades from Annie Evans.

Viewpoint: David Connolly on the benefits of teaching cultural heritage.

Remember, if you need the best tools in archaeology, we supply across the world from our online shop:
Thanx for this, great issue! I found the report on the 51 bodies in Weymouth of particular interest because I was working for Oxford Archaeology on the Weymouth project at the time they were found. I was'nt digging on that part of the project but on a site just up the road (worse luck!), we did pop down in our lunch hour now and again to see how things were progressing though. Its great to get an update, thanx again!
"I'd rather be hated for what I am than loved for what I am not." Kurt Cobain.

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