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advice needed
hi, i have a friend working for a unit that i feel are doing some very naughty things relating to their staff! i dont want to go into any details because i really dont want them to get into any trouble, but i would appreciate it if someone could give me some advice in private! for a start i dont even know if the staff have a leg to stand on so really would need to have a chat with someone to find out firstly what the situation is!
So what you do is give me a call/ you know the drill./ 01620 861643 I am on a fieldschool just now, so it is after 6pm
just not tonight Wink

oooooooooooops. accidently signed on as Maggie... cross dressing host !

it is BAJR here though! honest!
i was a bit confused lol! ta will do, will prob try tomorrow evening! thanks! Smile
Right... will be here.. you see.. it is me after all!

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