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Housing development powers for villages
Which nicely moves us on to who are the affordable houses for. The truth is that there are no ?countryside? jobs. What the country side has become is commute or retirement or landowner. The so called countryside is all resolute Tory, it was all the way through the new Labour years. Are we to imagine that there is going to be a great rush for homesteading which does not seem what this policy is about-isolated crofts. What WE in the countryside (self-employed archaeologist) are looking for is an affordable career in the countryside. An affordable career is probably something that is being looked for everywhere, hence affordable housing in cities means places for nurses and teachers, in this countryside there?s no schools or hospitals. (there is a lot of agriculture destroying archaeology) Hint.

What always makes me smile is walking through the city of London, if it was not for the Barbican (which is outside the old city walls the resident population is probably less than a few hundred? -the barbican is full of pied a terres-second homes, flip homes, capital gains tax scams. Nobody lives in the City of London, it has a very dodgy mandate based on the registration of companies and their directors. Be interesting to know about it as a parish. Full of trusts and guilds already to go(is there a name for this new policy-houses for people who don?t exist-ghosts) The city is worst than the countryside!! I imagine that as I speak that the dark earth (once called black and in the future will be called grey earth) is accumulating and in the future there will be questions as to where the |Londoners were living. Do they still beat the bounds. I know they used too around Mooregate in the 1930s. Down dirt lanes and all. Anyway what I was trying to say was read me poem and look at me picture.[ATTACH=CONFIG]663[/ATTACH]

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