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Laid off at Christmas? Advice needed....
It seems that Troll's anxiety about a lack of digging jobs may be partially lifted by recent adverts on BAJR....

However, in reading the small print of one ad I note that contracts are being offered that finish on the 22nd December. Whilst I am certain that the company concerned will renew contracts (as they seem fairly confident that they have work running through to the early Spring), it reminded me that when the subject of Winter/Christmas lay offs was last raised on the BAJR forum, our Host posted advice on the legal implications and maybe even offered a helpline?

As I can't seem to find that advice in the BAJR archive, I wondered David, if it might be timely to reissue it, incase anyone might need it?

With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
C'mon guys its traditional, you know you're gonna get laid off at christmas in this game!!!

Quote:quote:Originally posted by deepdigger

C'mon guys its traditional, you know you're gonna get laid off at christmas in this game!!!

I have a vague memory that David's previous advice suggested that there was some kind of legislation protecting workers from being laid off just to avoid paying holiday pay. My suggestion to re-post his previous advice was to remind/inform archaeologists that they might have legal recourse against such 'traditions'.

Will look into it again.... the problem is in the legal small print, where sometimes it aint illegal... just poor taste.

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Talked to the loovely admin at GAT.

The advert could perhaps have gone into more detail... but here is the rub.

the Contract at the moment is for an Eval... which ends 22nd December.

IF they get the full contract then it will run to March.

IF that happens and is known about prior to the termination of contract on 22nd December then the Non-preferential treatment comes in where temp staff are entitled to the same as permenant staff.

So... at the moemnt the contract really is til 22nd Dec, with the potential (only potential of further work)

Please do let me know if however a full contract kicks in.

:face-huh: Thanks for pointing it out..

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
How about a naming and shaming of the piss poor units who lay off at christmas only to reemploy in the new year? Seems only fair people know what units are up to and if they impliment the policy they should take any associated flack!!

Come on people - who getting laid off?

And on the other side who treats digger well - any non permanent staff getting a good deal?
By mutual agreement, my current contract runs out on December 15th, and although I will miss out on getting paid for the Christmas/New Year holiday, I do stand a pretty good chance of re-employment at the end of January (after our return from the winter holiday). But as DD intimated in an earlier post, that is due largely to experience and myself and the wife anticipating a downturn at that time of year, in effect planning our annual holiday around one of the least busiest times in the archaeological calendar.

Mind you I have heard criticism in the past that volunteering to be laid off at Christmas is not quite as 'character building' as receiving a redundancy notice at the works Christmas party or at the pre-Christmas booze-up!!

Although it doesnt specify an end date to the Network contract dates these end at christmas too with possibility of rehiring in Jan!

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