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Oxford Archaeology. Archive Library

Nestling away, hidden from view and deserving a better look...

This site is used to disseminate material, including grey literature client reports, produced by Oxford Archaeology. Please note that this is service is a work in progress, new material is constantly being added. Although we are currently concentrating upon uploading our most recent material we aim to upload all of our client reports to this library.

It can be searched by period, region and even via a map interface.

Like others, the need to expose archaeology and especially commercial archaeology reports is becoming greater. rather than having one monolithic site to hold everything, the potential for everyone to report their own... but to allow wider dissemination and linking via xml or RSS ...

anyway... have a look and see how useful this can be. there are just over 200 reports so far, but they are adding to it daily.
An excellent resource. Obviously the number of reports is currently limited but this is a far better example of a user friendly, searchable interface than the OASIS system, and the size and breadth of OA's work shows this can be achieved when work has been executed throughout the counties (and periods) of England. This appears to have been designed as a resource for disseminating material rather than just an archive/repository that can also be searched (OASIS). I'm rather envious and hope they keep up the good work.
Had a nice chat with them as well today.. it shows a primary purpose ... disseminate... as one OA manager said to me, even a watching brief is of interest to the local people... and they should be able to read about it.. easily. AND.. often the most value comes in teh preamble... what they might find, whats in the area etc... Like Open Archive ( ) and other dissemination systems... it should be easy, simple and useful!

I've had a small shuffle through it, and I forsee many hours spent doing some searches. It was easy to use, from what I had a chance to see but I'll give it some serious searching tomorrow.

Prime practitioner of headology, with a side order of melting glass with a stern glare.
Technically minded people might be interested in the fact that as we have used EPrints the library presents an OAI-PMH feed (machine readable presentation of the data to allow easier cross-repository searches); as the software is open source it is also fairly easy to reproduce what we've done. For our next trick, we'll be posting on the library the OAU 1970s newsletters in searchable PDF form...


Strictly my views, which occasionally may also be those of my employer!
and indeed the technical folk here are interested... Smile appreciate that update on technology used. and something for the future! excellent.

The more that we all do this and allow for a future where any site can pull in data from any other site... thus creating a fluid data exchange rather than the old monolith method... the better...
Latest little feature, for those waiting to see their own old reports appear on line, automatic updates on additions to the library via Twitter on @oatwitter - other updates will come through there too, each one will be tagged appropriately to help you see the ones you want.

We're taking nominations for the old non-digital stuff (scanned as searchable PDFs). Anyone got a particular site or even year they'd like to see added?
Strictly my views, which occasionally may also be those of my employer!
Hope they keep it up, none of the ones I want are on yet but I'm sure they'll get there. Will be a great aid in avoiding the horrors of some HER's draconian photocopying/copyright rules (although a small silent digital camera usually gets around that). Rather bizarrely where I work there's been a great programme PDFing 20-years-worth of a 1000+ old reports but, eerrm, when's the web site coming guys? :face-crying:
@oatweet perhaps?

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