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Motorbikes and 4x4s wrecking Welsh heritage sites
I'd be the first to be noting number plates down and calling the council/police etc. Name and Shame 'em in Off-Road mags and throw them out of clubs (not that many will be in proper clubs but then that is part of the problem) - in fact throw everything I could at 'em I would.

It is really galling to see nob-heads going off-piste (ie. off the legal right of way) and ruining countryside/ancient monuments etc. There really is no need to do this and you can still enjoy your bike/4x4 in other ways, either on green lanes or at proper sites.

I have been 'green-laning' (ie. driving on-road on unsurfaced vehicular rights of way) for about 18 years and over the last few years the problem has got increasingly worse. Despite losing the a massive number of legal rights of way over the last 10 years or so there are some (an unfortunately growing number it seems) of completely selfish numpties who would rather tear around with a 'couldn't care less' attitude than actually find out how to use the lanes we have left correctly and with respect, never mind put their hands in their pockets to go get their mud-plugging, off-roading kicks at bona fida 'pay and play' sites or off-road driving centres.....

Makes my blood boil it does. For years and years groups of responsible trials bike riders and 4x4 drivers have taken the time and trouble to research legal rights of way, negotiate with land owners, councils, highways authorities, etc and given time and money and blood sweat and tears to repair lanes, clear drainage channels (waterlogged ground due to lack of ditch clearance being a major cause of erosion and damage), etc. Earlier this year I drove a lane that the Ancient Road Conservation Volunteers and a number of off-road clubs had repaired over a series of months a number of years ago. The aforementioned nobs would not even think of helping out with that! Now it is very sad to see that idiots have gone off-piste (ie. off the legal highway) and created their own parallel routes.... needless to say it was no surprise last month to find this fantastic lane is now subject to a temporary traffic regulation order and no-doubt will be yet another loss to the leisure driving community.....

As a historian and archaeologist I am only too aware of the need to conserve and protect. In my view the right to use a vehicle on the route should be protected as well, wherever possible. The pneumatic tyre, when used correctly, even with a 2 ton vehicle on top, can be less damaging than a horse and cart. There are many organisations and individuals who aim to preserve and protect by responsible use, restraint and repair. Really really sad that an idiotic few cannot see the need, or have the decency and desire, to do the same....


(Member of Land Rover and off-road clubs for 20 years, competitor in local, national and international off-road motor sport)

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