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What I find a bit daft are the boxes on the PDP form for you to fill in teh names of your "mentor" and "line manager". Of course you want your boss to know you're thinking of moving on.....
Do those swanky southern units have such things? - I'm clearly missing out working up in the land of whippets and flat caps :face-crying:
Do what? I'm up in the land of mushy peas and where the chip shops are never open as well! I've never worked out what a line manager is really, but I think "mentor" is an abbreviation of "tormentor".
Oh, right, got one of those all right :face-approve:......although suspect some people lower down the career ladder think I'm one... :face-crying:
The big problem with the IFA's approach is that if you set yourself meaningless targets if you achieve them you've done it. I've never asked to see anyone's CPD plan and indeed have never shown mine to can have targets like attending a conference or reading a book.......I think the skills passport thing that David's talking about sounds good, I hope ti all goes well!

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