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Who is accountable????
Quote:quote:Not a strong system of accountability at all, and many of us do want it to be strengthened. My own preferred model for this is for the IFA to become a Chartered institute, and for the title 'archaeologist' to become a controlled title that can only be used by individuals endorsed by the IFA.

Brilliant...and that's again what I was hoping for and an honest answer.
You could be so much more and have more respect in the public arena if you could accomplish the chartered institute status. The problem is getting the archaeological community to agree to IFA taking on the responsibility and management of such an Institute.
I use this phrase in a few areas regarding metal detecting... but will change the wording..
"Archaeologists.... the only army that turns on its wounded men". All organisations have their problems (metal detecting too) but if you want to educate (most dictate) you have to have the authority behind you to do it and lead by example.
I have stated before I have a multimedia company ( I know I cant spell.. but I have someone else to proof the films and presentations)and could help in various areas. Some people just have to put aside their prejudices. I have mine... that's why I'm a member on this forum.
Recording OUR heritage for future generations.

Decent question that appears to have attracted a bit of misunderstanding. 1man and others have given a fair response that I would not try to expand as there is little more to say.

Whilst any loss of archive is regretable, I doubt that many out there could hold their hand up and claim that it has never happened, or could never happen, to them. Any system of storage and retrieval is subject to human error, especially if material has to be moved.

When contractors apply to the IFA to become Registered Archaeological Organisations (RAOs), archive storage and documentation procedures are amongst the issues that are checked out.

CKC Archaeology (Chris Currie's set-up) was an RAO, in fact it was RAO No. 1 and Chris gleefully exploited this by claiming to be the No.1 RAO in the UK.

He was a very good field archaeologist who made great advances in the niche subject of 'garden archaeology' but was also an expert on many other topics - he is still greatly missed in those parts of the country where he worked.


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