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IfA - Salary benchamarking, report and new consultation
Unfortunately no one ever seems to have come up with a viable performance-related pay system in archaeology - some diggers are 3 times as much value on site as some other diggers, and it's always struck me as criminal that we still have to pay them the same money at the end of the week :face-crying:
Thats why I came up with the G2-G3 and G3/4 which recognised this... however, its p to the companies to enact it. To be fair, many do... and it should be implemented as a standard... but.. as I say, its up to the company. I prefer the overlapping scales that some companies have.. so an expert digger can earn the same as a new Supervisor.

It is annoying that one pay fits all is still used. I agree.
i have mixed thoughts on this issue. as the longest serving site assistant at my unit i do often catch myself thinking that with the accumulated experience that i have and the extra responsibilities that i often take on it is a bit unfair to be paid the same as the temps and new starters fresh out of uni. this is especially the case when i end up mentoring or 'supervising' people who are paid the same wage as me.

despite this, it seems to me that we are all doing the same job to the best of our abilities and it would be churlish to expect more money for half-sectioning my pit than the person next to me gets. i think there are much bigger issues at stake than adding unnecessary levels of heirarchy to the site assistants.

though ask me that again the next time i see a temp take a day to record a small pit and you might get a different answer!
you probably should be more churlish - (but don't let the boss know your disaffected)
On small jobs my experience, working for a number of units, has been that the size of the workforce has been directly geared to the abilities of the diggers available (costed for six, but actually those three 'crack' diggers can deal with it...), so employers certainly take financial advantage of 'good' diggers (especially the ones who can shift mountains of s**t).....I know they always have with me :face-stir:

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