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PIFA Application
This is one of those tricky ones... and I have looked quite a bit into it. Which is why no advert can appear on BAJR that say IfA required - all that can be said is IfA preferred or working towards IfA membership etc...

Now companies can, if they wish, pay for and help people become IfA, but those that choose not to, for whatever reason, cannot be discriminated against. Forced membership of an organisation ... a lawyers field-day
Hi all,

I work in the south and have not encountered a scenario where membership (at any level) is a pre-requisite to working in the industry. I choose to work for RAOs as I prefer to work for organisations that sign up to professional standards. I choose not to apply for any level of membership of the IFA and that has never been a stumbling block in employment terms. I am currently looking into membership of the European Association of Archaeologists instead.:face-approve:
Interesting concept indeed! I am looking at why membership of AAI&S is not valid as well. I would prefer to see a MAAI&S for an illustrator

like you... I would like to know where IFA membership is a requirement
i dont know about further down the career ladder, but from where i am (just starting out), it is better to be with the IFA then without, if for anything, they have a hell of alot of useful info, and the handbook is a god send for me right now, although saying that im still only paying student rate, so when you get to the AIFA or MIFA, i dont know how it would work out. Surely with things like this is better to be with them, then not?! Its like the CSCS Card debate, sure you dont Need it but at least your bums are covered incase anything happens!

Plus if you work on community sites, the guidelines for excavations and stuff like that, really helps the volunteers understand a totally different aspect of archaeology!! You never know, they might just go on to gain a qualification in a lot of my good friends have!

again im just a baby in this at the minute, but it would be interesting to hear you thoughts...:face-angel:
ginger Wrote:....Its like the CSCS Card debate, sure you dont Need it but at least your bums are covered incase anything happens....

Eeeerrrr - you ain't gonna get onto a lot of construction sites without one! Completely different issue!

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