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Heritage Lottery Fund invests ?17m in skills
wouldnt it be best to undertake the MA in community archaeology at Bishop Grosseteste. Lincoln
I'm letting that one liner statement pass as it raises an interesting question, not teh one that Unit attempted to raise (god knows what that was) but the difference...

The Bishop Grosseteste course is that.. an MA... so one would of course have a degree already? am I right - probably not? However you have to understand the concepts of archaeology and have practical experience.. a bit like a politician who has no experience of 'real world employment' - they may be good and have qualifications but they lack the essential elements of understanding.

So... for those that have done archaeology and have experience and want a formal coursework... with an MA qualification at teh end of it, then the Bishop Grosseteste route is a good one... I expect there is practical elements to the course
Quote:Our MA in Community Archaeology Programme will give you a head-start in your chosen profession because it has been designed to help you develop the particular set of knowledge, skills and understanding you need to pursue a career in the community archaeology sector. You will learn how to:
  • Organise community heritage groups;
  • Plan and deliver archaeological activities including fieldwork;
  • Develop and trial educational actions focused on archaeology;
  • Measure audience response to live heritage events and activities.
Throughout the course you will engage first hand in live archaeological projects and visit some amazing heritage sites.

The Bursary route is another way to arrive at the same location... thuis opening up - as previously hoped for/discussed - the area to more and diverse people.

This route would be more practical, but has a strong element of structured learning, after all the bursary is not a cheap labour grant... the applicant and recipient must all achieve measurable goals for mutual benefit.

So the answer is you can do what suits.
I already have an MA thanks Unit. I don't want another 1-2 years theory or sitting in a classroom. I want solid instruction from people who know what they are talking about and can fill in gaps in my skills base. That way I can serve the community better. As to wether I am qualified to teach CA? That is the point. I have not had peer review of my knowledge/experience. I might be crap! I am sure I have a lot to offer others but feel I need some structure myself. For example, I have gone for rare job opportunities where there is some element of community heritage work in the position. But there is always some other elements missing in my c.v. that is demanded for other areas of the job (mostly technical). It would be great to fill those gaps. As BAJR said it is about giving choice to those who have not had it before. Anyroad, lets wait for the details.
it will not be as good as my MSc (mostly technical).....

sorry I could wait for some anti reply, draw it out a bit, pick my nose again

but what we have established is that there is an educational system in this country that is churning out archaeologists by the bucketfull and to post graduate level and then we have funding form an shall we say an interesting source with no known authority in archaeology for in this case something called Skills for the Future programme........which in the main appears to be for people who have no skills (bless them, salts of the earth)

please do not touch it with a barge pole. surely comarch you can just put an advert in the local newspaper for willing archaeological victims. about once a month I get a telephone call from another person who wants to become an archaeologist (dont put your number in the yellow pages). It seems to me that most of the things that these skills are all about would be an insult to a boy scouts badge.
God knows what you say to them on the phone... do you try to make more sense or just wibble and dribble and frighten the bejaysus out of them..

Your opinion is
Quote:please do not touch it with a barge pole.
this is based on a classic sound Uo1 argument methodology... I say it therefore it must be true...

I feel I am one of those bless em salt of the earth folks that would actually like to learn skills... I have many but I don't have the full happy archaeology families set... and I am open to learning, to upping my game, to listening to others and try to be positive ... time to step above the Mr Average that is your option and aim a little higher. :face-kiss:
i take them through TEH fulll Initiation ceyremoney with emphasis on the money

I may go for one myself.! I need training in dealing with heritage stakeholders
i seem to remember asking this before, cant think where, but which training did you think you needed and with whom?

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