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Photo board set is back

The photo board set is back in stock now... this is a definite must have... a reminder of the old days when quality photographs with clear photo boards were the order of the day... ah... pride in our work! You remember

"The best photographs need photo panels clearly displayed."

Past Horizons and BAJR spent over a year searching and testing to find the perfect board.

Light and with everything you may need.

Including 750 characters and numbers that easily push fit onto the black panel.

(two storage boxes are included (24 compartment and 15 compartment) to store your characters for easy access and separation.

The panel measures 300mm x 150mm and is made of washable rigid plastic.

At last... an affordable photo board - for a professional record of your site



this is ace - i think it was this time last year that i spent ages trying to find one that company could justify shelling out for!

No more half arsed chalk on back of clipboard with smears and smudges that you cant read or marker pen on the back of sheets Woop Woop
Um...are you selling them? How do we order.

whoops. :face-approve:
Lame. I write it on the back of a sheet of A4 in a black marker pen. And take a picture of it as part of the record. You should start selling mini white boards!!
Not a bad idea.

As regards the sheet of A4: how do these photos look in the publication - if you're unlucky, and its the shot with the photoboard that is the right one, right light, etc? Or even, just in the report?
Quote:Lame. I write it on the back of a sheet of A4 in a black marker pen. And take a picture of it as part of the record. You should start selling mini white boards!!

its called professional


clear text, waterproof, non reflective, professional, standardised

Mini white boards (I did actually test them) don't work in rain,are reflective, put of the white balance, etc.. look scruffy with handwriting but are available from most pound shops. Wink you choose.
White on black is much more readable in photos, particularly from a distance (not that that's ever stopped the folks here from always using black on white). We use office desk name-boards, then just laminate up a site code to slide in for eack job, and a set of laminated numbers for contexts etc. Admittedly I'd much prefer the boards as advertised above....numbers wouldn't blow away all the time for a start...:face-crying:
Yup... I now have everything ready to go... and each day I just have to change a couple of numbers for the date... and then the context number. My handy tip to ease the fiddle factor... use a penknife blade to level up the numbers and letters, keeping the blade flat to the board and just levering up. certainly makes me feel more like I am making an effort... makes me set up the shot that litle bit more carefully, etc... it was funny how returning to this board has made a change
Quote:"As regards the sheet of A4: how do these photos look in the publication"

They don't, Dear, they appear in the NMR and for me to know how many of the 10 projects I did that week and what the hell they are - well - I'm only human.......

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