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British Women Archaeologists new survey
hear hear! just because men can 'stand to pee' doesn't mean they should be expected to go behind the nearest tree/ up against a wall/ behind some garages/ in a skip/ against the spoil heap/ off the side of a quarry etc... (all real examples)
Reasonable rights for Parents & Carers are a significant issue, not to be confused with legal provions of Adequate Facilities, or indeed other issues of Gender Discrimination.

Union support will guarantee the rights, and defend the position of women (or men) who refuse to work on jobs that have Inadequate Facilities.
Union support will provide the legal support necessary to investigate and resolve Discrimination at work, though obviously subtle and complex issues are unlikely to have clear and simple solutions.
Union support will assist in the National Problem for All Workers of securing meaningful work-life balance. Parents of all descriptions....increasingly in future also Carers for the Elderly...also Partners for the terminally ill, bedridden/hospitalised, or severely disabled. This is apparently a Big Issue for Camerons 'Big Society' - it certainly goes beyond the archaeological profession, and we as archaeologists must realise that we can not see ourselves in isolation form other UK workers/professionals...we can either look to the Long Term or say bugger it and give up complaining...

Unions provide strong direct support for members who have been discriminated against at work for raising any of these issues - and Even Better, unions can also be used as an intermediary to raise these issues with an employer so that employee-employer Conflict over single issues is avoided in the first place.
like a bear, i am happy to shit in the woods...personally i am not squeamish or embarrassed about my or others bodily functions - i have no requirement to Imagine a hedgerow menstruation - i have lived in some 'extreme' circumstances of necessity, and during the Pursuit of Archaeology...

However....happy though i have been to do this for Projects and Research that i personally value, and where i feel i have 'ownership'/'non-monetary gain', this is clealry very different from the Commercail Situation....I will fight very hard for legaly adequate Facilities and Equipment in any Commercial project, just as demands are made on us to conform to the standards of the Client and OHS.

Sometimes Managers have simply not costed or thought through properly the site (personal incompetence), sometimes they have cut corners to improve profit margins/win tenders (corporate misconduct)...

Managers who routinley defend indequate provison of facilities ("its only for a short time...cant you manage for a couple of days?...oh, haven't they arrived yet?-yes i meant to orgainse those loos last week...") are ultimatley a danger to the profession - if they can ignore this part of their responsibility, then what other responsibilities are they being paid for and not performing?
Apart form the above toilets, i often found transport on linear jobs is another one that get lost in the pipe line ' i ment to short out, can't you get a lift with the banks man or the fencers' they of course no nothing of this

This is off thread i'll start a new one when i think of a heading or if some one else wants to feel free

I also don't really understand the constipated thing male and females both need toilets its an archaeology thing again not a gender thing
Archaeology is the peeping Tom of the sciences It is the sandbox of men who care not where they are going; they merely want to know where everyone else has been.

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