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Weird and wonderful Museums of the World!
Lets see...

There's the fabulous Condom museum in Condom, France. Not as exciting as it sounds, although I do have a "Condom" condom given free to every visitor

Tokyo has the "International suitcase and bag museum" which I never did get around to see

And there's the ever popular "corragated iron museum" which my friend had to consult once on a job, and in fact is in someone's living room Smile
theres a wicked museum in a house on Anglesey called the stone science museum - its got rooms decorated with model dinosaurs and wall murals! And a bendy stone! And fossils! And microscopes! And an army of soft toys!

Wierd mix of fascinating and mental but in a really good way - well worth a visit
Remember seeing something on telly a while back about some guy in the states with a barbed wire museum and people collecting and swapping bits of the stuff, perhaps next time I've impaled myself on some I'll take it home....
You can't beat the pencil Museum in Kendal...

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