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What are people reading just now?
Nope still gota be Razzle and Sunday sport preferably left in the portaloo by a rum navvy type, perhaps with a copy of amateur photographer thrown in betweem the pages of the sport for good measure. }Smile

Close enough for a country job!
Just finished reading "Iberia" by James A Mitchener. Interesting read. Memoirs of Spain, written in the 60's and describing Spain during the Franco years. (You can tell that some of the bookshops I have been frequenting recently have a dearth of English language books).

On a serious note, when I'm not reading Viz or perusing through geology books, I'm currently reading The Narratives of the wreck of the Whale Ship Essex. Dead good. Its Melville's basis for Moby Duck.
Oh, I thought it was about a whale! Quack quack![:o)]
Devil wears prada, and i am actually quite enjoying it Sad
Labyrinth by Kate Moss. It was one of the books in the Richard and Judy book club though i cant really see why. The reviews said it was brilliant but i am finding it a bit wishy washy and over sentimental and cheesy. Will finish it though. the only book i have never finished was The Two Towers by Stephen King, that dam crab walked down a beach for three chapters...yawn.
Thats frustrating. With reference to Moby, The swear word altering device has changed D I C K to D U C K. However, I seem to have found a way around it.
Paddington Bear, My struggle with addition. Top Notch!

Close enough for a country job!
'Empires of the word' by Nicholas Ostler - fantastic book about how certain languages have spread and then sometimes contracted or relocated.

Snow by Orhan Pamuk....My Name Is Red was incredible....this is surprisingly better....

Ian - trowels for archaeological excavators

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