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Neolithic Duck hanging/smoking racks?
your right the neolithic is a chronological distinction, whilst the issues arising about mobility and sedentarism (territorialism) jusxtaposed to technological attributes (including floral and faunal remains) and the assemblege repertoire (the characterisation of that assemblage).

so the neolithic can imply sedentarism as opposed to settlement, as settlement (building and or formulation activities) has no reference to mobility, with Long mounds and causeway camps being case and point.


without dendrochronologically calibrated radio-carbon dates, then we are left with a much broader range of concepts, which can imply or infer a greater deal of inconsistencies and agreement in regards to the differential preservation environments in regards to the taphonomy of the material to be considered as evidenciary support.

so :face-topic:

neolithic duck hanging/smoking racks

not again
Sorry I was being vague, well the site is a seasonal basecamp (late summer) the posthole lines aren't for catching wildfowl, hunting took place on the big lake catching the birds with canoes and nets. (birds lose there flight feathers for a week or so) So they can be caught in big numbers.

The site is a late neolithic settlement, single grave culture (part of the corded ware culture) based on tool technology and pottery, their diet seems to be duck/bird,fish and starch based wild food and some emmer wheat. The site is for duck processing for a source of over winter food, or trading with the other communities, or a select group of people from a larger community.

The collection strategy was sieving at 2-4mm meshes, but was done by non archaeologists (although overseen by archaeologists), people from a social work program in the 80s.

The monograph report will be published in the next few months (once I have written my 2 chapters!)

Thank you for your comments

Sounds a very interesting site. I would be interested in having a look at the monograph when its published. Good luck with it!

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