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Support archaeometallurgist Gill Juleff
From BWA .. and heartily supported by BAJR

We'd like you to take part in a campaign to support internationally-known and well-respected archaeometallurgist Gill Juleff, who has been (rather ruthlessly) demoted to a 0.3 teaching post by the University of Exeter.

Dr Juleff is well-known for her excavation work on wind-powered smelting in Sri Lanka, Roman iron smelting in south-west England, and crucible steel production in southern India.

The reason given for Juleff's demotion was that she had failed to achieve her research targets for 2009. These were (1) to raise ?40,000 in external research funds - she actually raised ?83,000; and (2) to publish two articles rated 3* on the RAE scale - she had two articles accepted in World Archaeology and Historical Metallurgy, both now in print.

The decision to demote her rests on the rating of the Historical Metallurgy
article, which 2 of 3 external reviewers rated as 1* (local interest only) - the third reviewer rated it 3*. On this basis she was demoted.

Although the identity of the reviewers is unknown, it has been suggested that none of the three demonstrated any substantial knowledge of the fields of either archaeometallurgy or of South Asian archaeology.

Professor David Killick, who is spearheading the protest against Exeter's decision, suggests both papers to be of "extraordinary quality and very wide international relevance" and finds it hard to understand why the University should choose to effectively end a distinguished career in research over two ill-informed reviews of only two of her articles.

BWA HQ is happy to support Dr Juleff. For us, this is part of the process that sees a gendering of promotion, one that leaves academic archaeology still hovering around the 10% mark re. female professors.

Please show your support for Dr Juleff by writing a quick e-mail to Prof. Steven Smith (Vice-Chancellor of the University of Exeter) protesting that one of our very few senior female role models has been demoted on such shaky grounds:
"Support archaeometallurgist Gill Juleff"

She has NOT been demoted, as the University does not have such a practice in the way it deals with its employees. However, staff frequently don't get promoted is they do not meet the required targets for such promotion.

So let look it at another way Exeter Uni due to employer-employee confidentiality can not state much about Gill personal performance while these people in the "support" of Gill can say what they want about Exeter Uni with the prier knowledge that Exeter Uni cannot expose details on what or why Gill didn't get that promotion if that what this campain is all about.
an interesting other view on the situation. and one that would need more understanding of the mechanics of university methods. i however will also contact the uni for their reaction
is that an 11hrs and 15minute equivilent?

RAE has alot to answer for as it is anyways

not again
I think archaeologists should be supportive of each other....

I will happily write to Professor Smith asking that he reconsider the universities action in light of information which may not having been given full weight and full disclosure at the time the original decision was made. I think most archaeologists could go along with that without becoming involved in the merits or demerits of the case. I hope a few more BAJRites will join me in sending a short mail....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Am looking more into this.
HAve done more research and talked with Prof Killick (Arizona State Uni) and also heard more about it... I wrote a letter to Exeter and received a reply that was a duplicate (apart from the addition of the words ... given the concerns of 'the archaeological community' ) insert name of group writing.. of every other one recieved. It is obviously a stock reply and thus does not deal with the real concerns... I have no doubt the reviewers were distinguished.. but were they Archeometalurgists..? And whey release her from teaching 'so she is free to carry out research, with the knowledge that without a teaching post she has to get other work in order to eat... thus removing the time to carry out research... including important work in India!

Have replied again requesting a better reply that actually deals with my questions.

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