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strange remains.....any ideas?
Pretty certain this is a wind-up but will check for you when the world starts working again on Tuesday. Enjoy the tea!
What raises an extra grin for me, is that I didn't even fall for the main gag - I just zoomed in on the detail that interests me and ran with it. I really am turning into a total archaeonerd.

Win! :face-approve:
Ah, but at least we'll now know who to turn to when we do find some, keep it up :face-approve:
Yep, it was an april fool............I couldn't resist. But it was based on a reported site....reported in Fortean times that is.
Ah, that explains it then. My sub to Fortean Times lapsed some years ago. I obviously ought to be paying more attention to this important source of information! Good one Jack Wink

[P.S. Yep Dinosaur, if anyone has pots with holes in 'em (esp. from southern Dorset area, Romano-British or earlier), please feel free to send me a message. Will shortly begin bothering curators, units etc. in a systematic fashion so... Duck&Cover! Incoming!]
That's ok then, we're safe up north for a while. Happy hunting :face-approve:

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