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Setting up a Not for Profit Group
Why is it such a ridiculous idea? If that were so there would not be all these archaeological societies out there. My reading of David's suggestion was that it was for the setting up of a community group. There have been people who have asked such questions in the past about how to set up a community group so he was just I assume pointing them in the right direction.

There are by the way professional archaeologists who have not for profit field schools, like for instance the Bamburgh Research Project which has been going for many years now.
your right but i still disagree

not again
Not sure what you disagree with....

Is it the setting up of local groups who will be able to take ownership and care for their own archaeology?
Is it the thought that archaeologists might just be able to help in this process?
Is it the idea that there is more to archaeology than temporal contamination removal?
is it what?

More info on your disagreement please.

To err is human to disagree is baffling
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647
I do have the right to disagree, without further remark.

you have valued and a well defined understanding, but I refuse to commit myself to an argument, wherein my intentions are being coloured from the outstart before even a reasoned argument is put forth.

I have to admit my argument is weaker (thus you are right), but still i disagree

not again
Interesting take on it... So you feel you have a right to disagree without saying why... hardly productive debate. You may feel your arguement is weaker... but in truth you have no argument.

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