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The Invisible Diggers - Lest we Forget
Sending out the letters today, so should have everything tied up and the Nottingham minutes up and ready for download on Monday... This reminded me though, and it is worth revisiting.. to think of where we are, and what we have done (or not done) to make our lot better.

This is not another initiative that is done by others... it is done by YOU... yes YOU! :face-confused:

I am now member 15670444 of T & G Unite I have support when I need it, and I provide it in return to all my other Union Colleagues. Support is given in both directions, help is at hand and I am ready to offer mine.

So start talking about it in the tea hut, in the trench, in the office, over the flots while marking the pot, or counting the carbonised seeds. Are you willing to make the step... join a Union... and move forward? OR will you just grumble?

If the answer is NO I won't get involved, then that's fine... it is a choice you have to make.... however, if and when the time comes where you wish you did have union support, ... well... then it is too late.

I joined. perhaps you should at least discuss it...
I totally agree we have to either put up or shut up. If people within archaeology really want to affect change then joiningg a union and gaining control over our collective destiny's is the first step! For the price of a pint a week people you can get the support and backing needed to change the quality of your working life, simply join a union. Any union you prefer. Many people are already members of prospect, those in LA's unison - I am member 40177331 of T&G Unite. I also have the support there when needed and in turn shall give my help to my colleagues when called to do so (sudden flashes of Kirk Douglas in Sparticus for some weird reason!). Will the rest of you out in BAJR-land and beyond join us!
Its funny Geli... I feel we are going to either get there... or go out in a blaze of glory... well... lets hope not like Spartacus!

We will get there. Archaeology is such a young profession. But I will certainly be joining this Union also and in the next few days.

We (as archaeologists and related professions) will never be able to be in a position to strike on such a scale as other companies because our companies will never be so big as it would make a difference to decisions made by the the senior management of those companies. But if the overall management of the archaeology companies in this country know that most of its workforce are in a Union and know their rights and will be more than willing to move on, and argue that they desreve certain rights, then attitudes will change.

I apologise for having such a 'them and us' attitude but it is naive to think that other professions don't suffer from the things that we 'suffer' from. I say 'suffer' in quotation marks because none of us 'suffer' in our chosen field or job, we - at the end of the day - love our jobs - we are just trying to make it better.

My musings for the night - I will turn it over to you.....
Damn fine Gilrean damn fine...

this is not about anything other than moving forward... and this is the way... more people... join the union of your choice and talk about it.. talk about it... then either join or not.

I just listened to a programme on Radio 4... worth listening too... confirmed to me why I have joined.

Quote:Michael Buerk chairs a debate on the moral questions behind the week's news. Claire Fox, Michael Portillo, Clifford Longley and Kenan Malik cross-examine witnesses.
On the Moral Maze this week

It's a long time since the striking heyday of the 1970 and early 80's, but with the BA strike and threats of industrial action on the railways and London Underground it's been dubbed the Spring of Discontent. Whatever the rights and wrongs on both sides of these disputes its clear that it's the travelling public, who have nothing to do with the industrial action, will also have to pay the price. When does the collateral damage of a strike become unacceptable and where should we draw the line between the collective private interest of unions or employers and the wider public interest? If we curtail the right to strike are we protecting the narrow interests of consumers by curtailing a fundamental right in democratic society?


Sat 27 Mar 2010
  1. 22:15
    BBC Radio 4

listen to it
Sat 27 Mar 2010
  1. 22:15
    BBC Radio 4

This is not about power... its about rights!

good muse!

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