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Wallingford Museum - Framing the Future
In my never ending quest for stories that highlight community and local involvement in Heritage Projects to fill the pages of Past Horizons, I found this one..

Wallingford Museum - Framing the Future.


What is Framing The Future?

It is an exciting new project being undertaken by the Museum in association with The Carpenters? Fellowship to build a medieval-style two-storey timber-framed building in the back yard of medieval timber-framed Flint House, the home of the Museum.

  • New display areas accessible to all (first floor accessed from a platform lift)
  • Video/meeting area for adult and school group visits and potential other community use
  • Disabled WC and visitor WC on ground floor
  • Covered activity area for events such as Family Archaeology Days and for pot-washing
  • Archaeological workshop
  • Environmentally controlled Collections Management area
  • Whole building is a living exhibit demonstrating the timber-frame building techniques from Medieval to Victorian times, complementing the original Medieval timber framing on display in Flint House
  • Visual improvement to the present rather dismal concrete backyard which will improve the context of the listed building
  • Flat floor access from High Street door of Museum through to ground floor of the Annexe
  • Release of present unattractive kitchen area to be reworked as a new ground floor display gallery, thus improving the listed building and providing more display space available to disabled visitors
  • Unique, eco-friendly project which will create national and local interest and potential for increased visitor numbers and tourism for the town
And yes I will be giving some cash to this...

A local initiative that really shows that Heritage Matters... AND that people are putting their own time and money into it!

I have already donated to this amazing project - it is local to me. There is also a very strong academic link with the University of Leicester and the Burh to Borough project.

How about making this the BAJR heritage charity for 2010.

Zounds! If I had known I would have asked you more!

However... actually its a good idea... we all chip in over the year and then at Christmas, we have a poll and send a donation to a worthy heritage cause.

(just like the 1600 quid we sent to Nokalakevi Museum in Georgia - thanks again for that)

I already have a separate 'charity'ish account set up (basicly an account separate from anything else that we can save money in...

worth a thought

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