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Unionisation - UPDATE
Would like to add something here, obviously I agree with the concept of unionising British archaeology. Don't you think we may be getting stuck op our own arses here?
We need to get the message out, not everyone has the facilities or indeed the desire to discuss this issue on BAJR. We need to reach everyone so it becomes a universal talking point within the profession.
I put forward the idea, in another thread, that maybe a re-birth of the old BAJR newsletter would be a good idea. This was not from a stance of nostalgia, we need to get people discussing what we are attempting within the profession and the best place is the work place.
I do think a paper copy is required.. to hand round, to read in teh site hut...

This is coming..
Thought I'd better rescue this thread, it was about to fall off the bottom of the list and it sounds like Austin wouldn't mind resurrecting the discussion :face-approve:
What perhaps would be a good idea, is a sheet with a few key points on it of what people are trying to achieve, and the forum IP address. This could be printed out and stuck on site hut walls. It seems to me that the most important thing at this stage is to publicize the idea of the union. and hopefully get more people involved.
Indeed. The main group is working on these very things.. . which I will have ready for public view in about a week... then we will have another meeting end of may to finalise... put this out to people again... and the final document will be created. What is required though is people to download the doc.. print it out and stick it up... have this the main talking point...

will you help? it would be useful
Draft Document outlining the Diggers CHarter will be online and also sent out for hard copy distribution on 1st May (how apt!) meeting to follow at end of May. serious backing from UNITE... and PROSPECT are also happy to keep this discussion going. Diggers Forum have added backing too. Union membership is rising again since this debate started, and PROSPECT has confirmed that archaeology is now the fastest growing section. So don't feel like you are alone. Disagree by all means, with well thought out and presented argument... not one liners please. Only by serious debate will this continue.
The news about increased union membership is encouraging. But, agreed we need to push forward with this and get stuff posted up in site huts and try and draw in more interest!:face-approve:
Sure I'll be happy to help Hosty. I am currently working on what is probably the biggest site in the country, so there are a lot of potential interested parties out there.:face-approve:
Thank you thank you thank you

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