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PROSPECTS new Heritage Newsletter.
Just so you know that Prospect Union are being active

here is the new Prospects for Heritage newsletter.

it does show the broad range that they cover - with archaeology being only a small part within the sector.

within one article

Quote:these issues were addressed at a major conference in the early part of 2009 hosted by the institute of Field archaeologists which was attended by iFa officials and senior management from within the largest companies in the country. it considered many of the issues facing the profession, including pricing, the impact of legislation and the potential for skill loss.

I think thats the conference where the putch was planned?

Anyway... I put this up to show what PROSPECT are doing, I bang on and on about communication and letting people know whats happening...

here you go
click the attachment below
Excellent stuff Prospect... keep it up!

Nice to see that the chief exec of EH is on the side of the soon to be ex-worker... not.
What's the news on the big union meeting in Nottingham?
I am writing up the minutes... as I speak...
I will be passing them around the people there and checking before uploading for public consumption...

Then We are creating a draft document - this will then be passed around of of us that said... count me in...

Then when it makes sense.. this also will go to public comment... and the intention is to gain a consensus... ie

FAME IfA ALGAO being part of the process.. rather than just commenting... the three unions... Unite, PROSPECT and Unison should all come on board... and the result will be a charter that has a list of achievable goals - and aspirational goals to work towards.

The Charter is intended to focus on the plight of archaeologists, and the need for political will to help change. as well as support the unionisation of archaeology - with people joining a union.... any union... to push this forward. Thus... issues like sham self employment, accomodation and contracts can be dealt with at a level where the unions power of representation works for all. This can also benefit employers, by providing a strong, motivated and skilled workforce with a future, rather than the alarming drop out rate. taht is draining skills from archaeology, providing a basis for best value and good practice rather than minimum standards, supporting the IfA standards and ensuring archaeology is on a parity with similar roled construction type positions.




Just come off phone with Louise Staniforth (PROSPECTs new Organiser) - Dave Allen is still in post as Negotiator.
Keeping them informed about what is happening.

As I say again and again... this is about increasing union membership... NOT shuffling it from one place to another. Splitting is a definate no-no... pointless and divisive.
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647
good luck, hostie...i await with deep interest...still think revolution is the only real solution, but then thats me...thanks for putting Micheal Foot thread opinion of the site creeps higher...i know...faint praise, but im a cynic....and i still think your servers were sabotaged...Wink
so do i... it pays to be paranoid! :face-thinks:
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647
BAJR Wrote:I think thats the conference where the putch was planned?

No, I think they are referring to the Ifa recession seminar
[sorry wrong room
Thanks Chiz... I get confused easliy.. Wink

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