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Bournemouth University professor was unfairly dismissed

A fascinating and worrying story of failed students suddenly being passed! (Prof has to pack bags, when he complains)

I would support his actions, and wish him all the best

A professor who resigned over claims exams were re-marked so students would pass was unfairly dismissed, Court of Appeal judges have ruled.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]374[/ATTACH]Prof Paul Buckland said his decision to fail some Bournemouth University students in 2006 was overruled.
Judges upheld an original ruling by an Employment Tribunal in 2008 that he had been unfairly dismissed.
The university was cleared when three independent external examiners upheld the decision to pass the students.
Archaeology academic Prof Buckland claimed that of 16 students who had originally failed the exams, 13 were given pass grades after their marks were reviewed by the university.

'Accept judgement'
The university admitted "procedures had not been followed" in a Reconstruction of Environment and Economy module.
An employment tribunal ruled that the action of the chair of the board of examiners in substituting the marks originally awarded by Prof Buckland without first consulting with him was wrong and ruled he had been unfairly dismissed.
This decision was overturned by the Employment Appeal Tribunal but Court of Appeal judges reinstated the original ruling.
In a statement the university said: "Naturally, we are disappointed at the court's judgement, particularly on this important point of employment law.
"We have decided nevertheless to accept the Court of Appeal's decision and will not be appealing their judgement further."
I'll repeat myself from the earlier thread...

Good result and good luck to Paul!!!
I think the whole episode is deeply worrying. The fact that the university was willing to overturn the decision of one of their academic staff would suggest that bottoms on seats are more important than academic excellence and learning. Guess it's just what happens when education is turned into a business - this is sadly also one of the major problems with commercial archaeology. Filling the coffers becomes the most important consideration.

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