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Calling all archaeologists and enthusiasts working in Scotland.
Certainly hope so... and Septemeber... both good and bad for Scotland..
11 September 1297 - Battle of Stirling Bridge (Scots Win)
3 September, 1650 - Battle of Dunbar (Scots Lose)
Battle of Philiphaugh, 13 September 1645 (own goal)
Battle of the Clans : 28th September 1396 - (Nasty! Home sides only involved)
(This was a gladiatorial fight to the death to settle a long running feud between the powerful Chattan and Mackay clans. 30 warriors from each formed before Robert III. All Mackays died, except one who swam the River Tay, to the loss of 10 Chattans. Legend has it that the Chattans were a man short so a local saddler was paid to take the place. He survived, having joined the winning side!)
Battle of Tippermore : 1st September 1644 (Another own goal)
James Graham, Marquis of Montrose, with 2000 Highlanders and Irish defeated a Covenanter force of 6000 under Lord Elcho at Tippermore and occupied Perth. This was the first battle in Montrose's failed rebellion in support of Charles I carried out while the main Scottish army was in England supporting the Government forces there.
Prestonpans ( East Lothian) 20th September 1745 (Scots Win)

April... oh... don't go there

Culloden 18th April 1746


So is the only reason that [SIZE=4]Scottish Archaeology Month that has been organised by Archaeology Scotland for over ten years, the event that is part of European Heritage Days (EHD) and is Scotland’s biggest festival of archaeology is in [/SIZE]


when children are at school

is because:

11 September 1297 - Battle of Stirling Bridge (Scots Win)
Ahhh, brilliant. So that's why it's not in April. I feel better now. :p

Those Covenanters must've been rubbish eh? No wonder they're buried all over the borders.
its not brilliant its utterly sad
it kinda means that through archaeology, which to me means mainly staring at modern ditches for no good reason, to prove that you are Scottish you have to imagine yourself in the 13th century killing people which I would rather leave to history and politics
You could see it as a lesson in futility.. and then once drawing people into the concept that there is more to hisotry - then archaeology comes along and sweeps you off your feet with a hey nonny and a round of trench staring.

Understaing the past is complicated is good for people, (certainly works for me) and learning with them is even better... so we share the experience.

My fun in September is as follows (touch wood - and note... no battles)

Cousland Pottery - continued investigation with the village of an 18th century ceramic site
Pentland Old Kirk (does contain Covenanters) But final evaluation of apse end, confirming location with test pit and geophysics
Walk like a Roman - Following the line of Dere Street with sideways glimpses at Iron Age Settlements (basicly understanding the Roman Scotland as a reality)
Sheep Folds and Sheilings in the Lammermuirs.. continuiation of project to map and record early med sheep folds and sheilings
An Art / Archaeology event (TBC)
Couple of talks... including one about Designed Landscapes and another about the Picts (they aint that mysterious)

So Uo1 be happy that of teh hundreds of events.. most will contain no reference to 13th century battles or nuts.

Scottish Archaeology Month... it really is that good! I iagine you are quite busy during Festival of British Archaeology what with the ditich staring :face-huh:

ps Uo1 Please stop taking every thread and moving it... vulpes original point was harsh but fair and although it was not meant as such, I even changed the titile to better reflect this was not a nationalistic event

However you are deliberately targeting threads across this forum and twisting them... you are on a final public warning... I am sick of having to go through every thread, when you are quite capable of making good points.
I just wish I could be living and working in Scotland (preferably in the Highlands and Islands)... peaty archaeology, peaty fires, peaty single malt, haggis and Plockton langoustines. Instead I seem to be moving further and further into the English concrete jungle.Sad
T'was all mountains once
I remember when it was all fields!
in which field did the CBA Festival of British Archaeology forgot to include Scotland, sorry month...?
This is an old story Unit... one which has been dealt with before, and one which has been answered.

The CBA have a Festival of Archaeology : Saturday 17th July to Sunday 1st August

Enjoy it... get involved, have a great time... there are I think from memory- 3 events in Scotland. It is predominantly an English and Welsh Archaeology Event.

Archaeology Scotland have Scottish Archaeology Month throughout September ..... Enjoy it... get involved, have a great time... there are I think no events in England and Wales.

The previous discussion was about the use of the word British and across the UK - which I objected to... however, in the recent CBA Festival announcement, it now clearly states the following.

Quote:Why are there not many events taking place in Scotland?The Festival of British Archaeology is a celebration of archaeology in the UK and of the presentation of archaeology from around the world in the UK. Participation in the event has always been inclusive and all event organisers from across the UK are welcomed and encouraged to take part in the event. However, many organisations with limited resources prefer to hold their main events during Scotland’s own celebration of archaeology ‘Scottish Archaeology Month’.
Scottish Archaeology Month has always been acknowledged as the primary event for the celebration of Scotland’s heritage and this continues to be the case, with Archaeology Scotland continually working to encourage more people to take part, from professional archaeologists to local heritage groups, archaeological and historical societies, Young Archaeologists’ Club branches and enthusiastic individuals with an interest in their local history or monuments. The event is extremely successful throughout Scotland with over 200 organisations and individuals holding events each year.
The Festival of British Archaeology and Scottish Archaeology Month work towards the same goal of encouraging greater understanding of and participation in archaeology. Together, their extensive and wide reaching programmes allow thousands of people to discover the archaeological heritage of the UK and help to champion the importance of the UK’s heritage.
Due to the very different timings of these two complementary events, the CBA has in the past invited organisations in Scotland to participate in its UK-wide event, and continues to do so; it is recognised that larger organisations potentially have the resources to support both the Festival and SAM and may wish to do so. The CBA does not approach the smaller local groups and societies that participate in SAM, as it is appreciated that these groups may only have the resources to be able to support one such event each year, and in such an event, SAM is the primary event for Scottish organisations. However, any organisation wishing to participate in the Festival of British Archaeology is welcome to do so.

So... where - ever you are - get involved... I will be doing Scottish Archaeology Month Events. And as the CBA say, although I am welcome to get invovled in teh Festival, I will be concentrating on September... I have limited resources, jsut as those in England and Wales will have I would doubt they would put on two events a year...

So tell me Unit... are you doing anything this year?

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