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MAJOR issue with Hosting Company - BAJR Fed lost 5 days of posts and other problems
Is the current lack of posts after the 6th Feb some sort of Year Zero policy to remove evidence of Uo1's recent naughtyness or just a temporary fault?
its called... me shouting at servers hosts and gently weeping into my keyboard...

where my BACKUP!"!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fek aaaaaargggggg

in cyberspace you can't hear me scream!

I am trying to sort this... I can't even put the forums on hold... my control panel is crippled too!

and breathe
Oh dearie me. Good luck....

We have lost everything from 7th Feb onwards.. you can imagine that I am very sorry about this.. and I can only apologise...

At least I have got the site back on again... I lost loads of posts and images... so will see what else I can do

many many apologies :face-crying:
Still working on it

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