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Prize Draw from Past Horizons Archaeology Trowels and Tools...
Just to let you know that ALEX GRIFFITHS has been picked at random and one the first Prize Draw from Past Horizons Archaeology Trowels and Tools... this is a cracking and unique toolset, with the best equipment we can find!. He will truly be the envy of all as this is not on sale anywhere.

It includes

* WHS 4" Archaeologists Trowel
* Tyzack leaf and square
* Stanley plumb bob
* 8m Stanley measuring tape
* Helix triangular scale ruler
* 7" alloy nails (4)
* 2 small tools
* Sharpie marker pen
* Black Bic pen
* Rotring Tikky mechanical pencils 0.5 & 0.7mm
* Spare pencil leads for mechanical pencils (4H and 3H)
* Staedtler eraser
* Stanley retractable snap off blade knife
* Stanley aluminium line level
* Foldback clips x 2
* 10 ziplock finds bags
* 12 pocket tool roll
* 10x Triplet hand lens
* Neoprene Padded glove
* Black n Red Book Wirebound A5

AND all wrapped up in a black rubberised toolroll.. MMMmmmm nice!


Wonder what will be up for grabs next month?? get along to and become a fan. It could be you next

David and Maggie at Archaeology Tools and Trowels.!

ps... you can watch the video online here!
just to prove it was all kosher!

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