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BNP and archaeology.
I receive Google alerts about archaeology, and was disturbed to find this link in an email that arrived this evening:
The question is, do we ignore this kind of horrific bullshit, or challenge it, and give these people the oxygen of publicity?
I tried to have a look at that but clearly it is so abhorrent that my computer crashed Windows Explorer rather than let me see it. So there you go, even computers have got more sense...
I think ignoring the muppets is best as they'll never enter into any sort of rational debate that disagrees with their twisted ramblings. I think Francis Pryor may have a strong enough cause for complaint to get the web-page removed after having his work mis-represented to support such ideals. But maybe its best not to give them any attention and ignore them as idiots that will twist any fact or opinion to their own misguided ends. This is already more words than they deserve...
You think that is bad. I get an email every so often from an outfit called Eagle Revisionists. In the past I have felt uneasy about it but had never really looked at it, just deleted it. Until Pondlife mentioned the BNP thing and somehow this sprang into my mind to go back and look at it.
It seems to be written by a Texan called Harrell Rhome who is an exponent of extreme rightwing Jewish conspiracy stuff. So, I went back to look at what I had been sent recently and to my horror when I scrolled right to the end there was Past Horizons Magazine. Now I know I have a German surname but why is this man promoting the magazine in his poisonous emails? The fact is I can ask him to desist but it is too late I am on his email magazine thingy. Tainted or what...
Probably best...

Quote:As for your prattle about the British people being 'mongrols' (mongrels), perhaps you'd best learn how to spell the word before you re-educate yourself on the archaeological evidence uncovered by people who disagree with your lunatic ramblings or your BAJA "Federation" either.

Pity he can't spell BAJR :p

I do love a bit of of frothing !
Interesting that there are now no comments (other than a post about us all being basque) posted and that only 'members of the blog' can now post - but no way of joining. Not that I would join.

I think it's an interesting example of how people twist evidence to support what they already believe (I'd originally typed 'what they already think' - but I don't believe that thinking really comes into it!)

Back to being Oldgirl. :face-approve:
Good to have you back... I know its not much of a welcome... but its better to have you here than psycho revisionist BNP supporters ... :face-thinks: er in fact anyone is more welcome ..

so I will start again...

WELCOME OldGirl :face-approve: :face-kiss: mMMMMM good to see you!
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647
I'm glad you added the end bit! Big Grin Busy busy, but not too busy to comment every now and then. I think that it's good that you posted it Pondlife, it reminds us how what we write can be distorted to suit the ends of others. What we do has consequences outside our world of archaeology (sometimes). And sometimes the use it's put to is a bit scary.......

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