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Ringtones? They're so Neanderthal
[ATTACH=CONFIG]239[/ATTACH]Must read article from the Observer

Reminds me that we should really re-instate the BAJR Comedy Trowel Award.

Here is the gist
We now know that our ancient forebears used make-up. But they foreshadowed the modern world in countless other ways.. like Cocktails and Loyalty Cards..

my fave line

Quote:Having thought of Neanderthals as backward, brutish and doomed, we now, on the discovery that they had cosmetics, realise how great they were. What clearer sign of their sentience, their immortal souls, the fact that they too gazed at the stars and wondered, than their proclivity for tarting themselves up? For where there is make-up, then high heels, piercings, tattoos and push-up bras must surely follow.


anyhoo... read it all here>

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