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Top 5 archaeology songs for archaeologists - for BBC Radio Scotland special!
Surprised that no one came up with Billy Bragg's World Turned Upside Down. A ballad to the historical radical grass roots protest that contains the lines 'Though we are poor, You Diggers all stand up for glory, Stand up now' surely resonates with out times.
a bit late i know but a favourite of mine - is kind o archaeologically themed and is a good song as well

David Crosby - Fieldworker

it is Friday after all!
Car Wash - just for the line "you may not ever get rich, but it's better than digging a ditch"

Jam - Going Underground?
Kings of Convenience - Scars on Land


"We take what's dead
And breathe life in
And move like knives
Through scars on land

Still untouched
No stain of hands
In a tilted light

No chain stays unbroken
All aims get forgotten

The weight of lead
On floors of sand
The idea reduced again
To outcome

No chain stays unbroken
All aims get forgotten"
Smile good un!

It should be on tommorrow evening... I'll confirm it..
Can't use the BBC iPlayer in Ireland Sad

Ah well
Just been told what these songs are...

wait for it....

Smash Hittites!

geddddit! :p

well here it is... our 5 minutes of fame.....

wind on to : 1hr 22 mins and listen and smile..

thanks to everyone! We lost a few songs.. and they used a couple that were reserve rather than preferred but hey.. I'm happy! :face-approve:

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