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Help with burial legislation
I am currently writing a conversion proposal for a Baptist chapel in South Wales as part of a university assignment.
The chapel has an associated burial ground and there are known to be burials in the area surrounding the main chapel. The burials are likely to be disturbed should additional services be required.

I am struggling to find the relevant legislation/guidelines which deals with the treatment of human remains in this context . I have found the burials act 1857 but am confussed by what the current deal is, i know that is no longer home office but department of constitutional affairs - but when looked on website said is now department of justice....
Is there new legislation going through as there seems to be a lot of discusion

most things i have found only apply to anglican burial grounds. Can anyone offer any assistance please

Many thanks
Wessex Archaeology excavated a Baptist burial ground a few years ago so they will know the rules on this one. The skeletons were eventually reburied - I think that was part of the planning approval. Sorry I can't remember more details!
Here's a useful link:

Contact details, further links and additional information. The current state of affairs could best be described as "messy", and it would be worth checking to make sure that there aren't additional things to consider when working in Wales.
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Did a search ...

ah, the joys of importing the whole BAJR Forum! :face-approve:
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If you still need help send a query to BABAO (British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology)
you can send a query via the general queries. Or it maybe on their website somewhere under policies.

Hope this helps.
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No worries, thanks BAJR Admin!

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