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eBay have tightened up their cultural antiquities section
Well ebay seems to be grasping the nettle!

eBay have tightened up their cultural antiquities section, implication that objects must be recorded

They do mention PAS.. but this does suggest that PAS becomes a clearing house for dodgy artefacts... what a piece of buck passing - it is now up to PAS to show the veracity of an item! Ah teh joys of Portable Antiquities... perhaps needs discussed at the Conference in March!


Many artefacts, antiques and grave-related items are protected under national laws and by government bodies.
We co-operate with the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Portable Antiquities Scheme, the British Museum, English Nature and the English Heritage Commission. Except as otherwise indicated in this policy and other eBay policies, please follow the guidelines issued by these departments when listing related items on eBay:
In the UK
In the Republic of Ireland
Archeological objects
Sellers on eBay may have a legal obligation to report archaeological finds. These obligations depend on where the item was found:
  • For items of potential Treasure found in England and Wales, sellers should be able to provide proof that items found before 24 September 1997 were reported under Treasure Trove or under the Treasure Act 1996 if found after that date. Sellers should be able to provide either Crown Disclaimer documents or the find?s Treasure number and include these within their listing. Finds that do not fall under the definition of Treasure, but are recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme will have a unique reference number, which sellers should list.

    In all cases sellers should state clear provenance.

  • For items found in Scotland, sellers should be able to provide a disclaimer certificate in their listing that shows items have been reported and that they have been given legal entitlement to be sold

  • For items found in Northern Ireland, sellers should produce certification in their listing to show that the items have been reported to the Northern Ireland Environment and Heritage Service or to the Ulster Museum

  • For items found in the Republic of Ireland sellers should be able to provide evidence that the items were properly reported under the National Monuments Acts 1930-2004. Since ownership of archaeological objects automatically vests in the Irish State, sellers should also be able to provide evidence of a waiver of ownership from the relevant Minister

eBay may remove any listings of archaeological finds on eBay that have not been reported in accordance with applicable law. Please see our Antiquities Buying Guide.
Under the UK?s Dealing in Cultural Object (Offences) Act 2003, it is illegal to knowingly sell, buy or deal in tainted cultural objects (objects of historical, architectural or archaeological interest) illegally excavated or removed after 30 December 2003. Any items listed on eBay that breach this Act will be removed from the site.
The export of antiques and other cultural items is subject to both UK, Irish and EU controls. Under UK laws any item manufactured or produced more than 50 years before the date of exportation requires an export licence. Some exceptions to this rule include stamps, birth, marriage or death certificates, letters written by or to the exporter and the export of personal property by the manufacturer or producer.
Under Irish law, if the item is covered by the National Monuments Acts 1930-2004, the Documents and Pictures (Regulation of Export) Act 1945 or the National Cultural Institutions Act 1997 and is to be removed outside the Republic of Ireland, sellers should provide evidence that an export licence has been obtained from the relevant Minister.
EU law prohibits the export of cultural goods outside the EU without an export licence. Cultural goods include archaeological goods more than 100 years old; pictures and paintings over 50 years old where the value exceeds ?119,000; watercolours over 50 years old where the value exceeds ?23,800; mosaics over 50 years old where the value exceeds ?11,900; books over 100 years old where the value exceeds ?39,600; manuscripts over 50 years old whatever their value; printed maps over 200 years old where value exceeds ?11,900; other items more than 100 years old where value exceeds ?39,600. Please follow these general guidelines when listing related items on eBay, but for items outside this non-exhaustive list and updates on the above list please contact the Export Licensing Unit within the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council on (0207) 7273 8276 or visit Sellers based in the Republic of Ireland should contact the Department of Arts Sport and Tourism.
Cave Formations
The removal of speleothems, stalactites and stalagmites from caves which have been designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest ("SSSIs") is prohibited unless prior consent has been obtained from English Nature. Subsequently the sale of speleothems, stalactites and stalagmites taken from caves designated as SSSIs is also prohibited.
An item lawfully removed from private land is permitted.
Historical graves, tombstones or related markers
These items may not be listed on eBay. While we recognise that some historical grave markers may be privately held within families and are legal to sell, eBay is concerned with the vandalism that has occurred in graveyards across the world.
New grave markers and burial plots
These items may be listed on eBay.
Interpol global stolen works of art database
eBay informs you that Interpol, within the framework of the fight against the traffic of stolen works of art, allows authorized users, through a secured website, to get direct access to its global stolen works of art database. All interested users, after making a request, consult this database, which include all recent information relating to about 34 000 stolen works of art worldwide.
In order to obtain access to this, please complete the online application form.
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647

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