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Early Christmas present from the British Geological Survey
The British Geological Survey have made many of its geology maps and map data free to download and use.

Described as 'A free service where you can view maps, download photographs and other information. Use OpenGeoscience material free-of-charge for non-commercial private study, research and educational activities. Explore the six OpenGeoscience sections: Data, Education, Maps, Pictures, Reports and Software.'

What is particularly nice is that the maps are formatted to fit either MapInfo or ArcGIS applications....

I foretaste I guess of what we can soon expect from Ordnance Survey.....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
i pressed all the buttons but i am none the wiser, must be missing the point
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I had no luck with this yesterday, there was just to much demand and it looks like their server couldn't cope.

I suppose its a case of keep trying until it all calms down.
I had the same trouble... but downloaded the kml file for google earth bloody fantastic!
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I'll find this very useful, many thanks for posting this Kevin.
is there a way to get the 1:50000 solid and drift info out of it?
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The level of free downloadable data is at the 1:625000 scale. I have it currently uploaded onto ArcView 3.3 and it both pretty as well as informative. As a quick intro into UK geological strata and chronology it is pretty damn good. Like all GIS data it can be manipulated to maximise the degree of detail, but dont imagine it is detailed enough to spot the dormant volcano under your back patio...

The 'free lunch principle' applies and if you want a downloadable verison of the 1:50000 detail, I imagine you still have to purchase it....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
free lunch, so thats where my taxes go..

anybody ever donated(sold) any data to the bgs. Would they be interested in my descriptions of natural? Or should I not bother. Oh I dont. Descriptions of natural I find almost as important as my discard policy. Good thing I dont have to state it before I start a job.

Do the bgs have any duty to collect sediment information or are their interpolations alright.
Reason: your past is my past

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