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What do Archaeologists & BAJRites think about Climate Change ?
Clare King Wrote:I was always concerned that there are much better things to do with oil (or rather the plastics etc we get from it) than burning it or turning it into bags for our shopping

On the subject of plastic bags we took this photograph in the desert in the Emirates of a dead animal. The blue stuff that you can see in its stomach are plastic bags.
Yes, I have seen similar in fish (and we're talking 70s and early 80s here - my dad's a marine biologist).
Don?t ask what we think about climate change but are we grafting enough out of it .

Here is an example

< yes once again a unit of one edit... totally inappropriate posting > Sad!
Reason: your past is my past
looks like a dope mule
txt is
probaly this issue is even more significant....
sorry gnome

totaly forgotten what hostys knickers twisted over
but if they dont drink dont trust them has go me to where I am now

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