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What do Archaeologists & BAJRites think about Climate Change ?
What do Archaeologists & BAJRites think about Climate Change ?

As a range of academicaly trained, culturally aware and critical individuals, i just wondered what opionions people had on the topic.

-Are we in the UK doing enough - Or is it a huge Greenwash? - a liberal Scam?

-Do archaeologists, as a proffesion and as individuals have a role/voice in the debate?
-Can we learn from societies in the Past?
-What does Palaeoenvironemtnal data really tell us?

-Are you Believer, a Scpetic, a Denier, a Researcher, a Greeny, or are you uninterested?

-Can archaeology contribute? - should it? - are these preipheral issues, or should they be center of 21st centuary Archaeolgoical research?
Surely there must be a more considered view than those given above?.

How about: 'Archaeological research suggests that climate can change as a result of both human activity and natural process'. that the end of the discussion?
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Could be Smile

after all, climate does change. Yes we should be nice and stop exploitation and stop over using resources wastefully, but at the end of the day, we will all die and the glaciers will wipe away any trace of our puny attempt and domination. Live well, be good and die well -- its the big joke of Life. WE try so hard to save the planet.. but really at the end of the day.. the planet does not care about us... we are only trying to save ourselves. and to be fair.. humans are pretty damn good at trampling anyone else to do that.

Kevin Wooldridge Wrote:'Archaeological research suggests that climate can change as a result of both human activity and natural process'
that'll do for me! :o)
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647
I don't know what we archaeologists could do as abstract observers as opposed to directly applicable skills and experience, but maybe building some dry stone walls and abit of landscape management like habbitat maintenance would be handy as real time understanding.....
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we don't make a consideable impact other than say littering.

sorry, that should be fly tipping with the finds bags and labels in the corner and the rusty lumps here and there

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what do you think
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Change-its the only thing that doesnt.....

Almost every sediment i dig is very bloody cold deRivered. Why did the last and every other cold stage occure for about 90% of the last 2million years. I was once on a site down in essex where we found a macaque digit and bits of hippo apparently it was hotter of a bit like 5degrees than now and sea level was another 30 metres higher. I think there used to be a horse stage and then a hippo stage and no stone tools or something but I was mainly playing darts at the time.

Just ordered another two bags of lump for the stove

Reason: your past is my past
Just read this. Sort of suggest that it is all a neccessary part of evolution.

Seems to be the human condition to always feel guilty about something. Religions have been playing upon it for a long time.
Kevin Wooldridge Wrote:How about: 'Archaeological research suggests that climate can change as a result of both human activity and natural process'. that the end of the discussion?

with respect, i dont think that is an end of the disscusion - at least not unless a similar argument is also "archaeology shows that people do stuff, make stuff, live places, then die"
Yes it does change doesn't it!

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