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naughty Developers
I know af a listed watermill which went on fire at three oclock on a Sunday morning - the owner of the adjoining property waxed lyrical about it when I met her on a site visit. And there are a fair number of old mills in Lancashire which have burned down because of 'kids playing' 'tramps dossing' and so on. The fire is usually closely followed by a planningapplication for the site!
Victorian Walled Gardens have a nasty tendency of falling down or rearranging themselves into piles of rubble over the weekends as well for some reason?

"Freedom of ideas is one thing, freedom of the purse is quite another". Edward Harris
I was doing a survey o'er here in Canada for a pipeline right-of-way that was going through a field of native prairie and identifed several stone circles (teepee rings) within the right-of-way. I told the landowner (b/c I had to, not b/c I wanted to) and the next week when I went out to excavate them the entire right-of-way, and not a centimetre outside of it, had been ploughed. Bye bye stone circles.
Also had an incident where the landowner had plucked the stones out of the ground, leaving nineteen rock-shaped holes making a circle. Apparently that makes stone circles go away. I was still able to excavate and record the feature. Infuriated the farmer. Big Grin
I once went to record a timber framed farm house and associated complex in the middle of a new housing development , before the developer began the expensive and time consuming task of restoring the building as requested in the approved planning permission for the multi million pound housing scheme….imagine my surprise to find that the developer had offered to remove the under growth from around the site to allow easy access to the building….image my surprise to find they’d removed the undergrowth with a 360 and remove all trace of the building in the process…that’s not the first building I’ve had to phase from a pile of rubble…

No Sleep till Natural..
I was working in one county where there was a nice building which they wanted to keep. The bull dozer driver that night going back to the compound clipped the building accidently and it was declared unsafe and had to be knocked down- coincidence? Another fun one was a watching brief I was on during the strip exposed what appeared to a round house and some pits etc. I notify said people who say ok get it fenced off etc and we will ocme and have a look. Developer lovingly supplies road irons and bunting and romises me he will tell the drivers to avoid said area. At lunch time a bladed piece of machinary drove over said area taking off c.1ft of ground- oops mate didnt see the bunting from the cab- suspiciou as this was the only place in a 100m run to the depot that the blade hit the ground. Explanation for both events- Oh well accidents happen. Punishment to the developer none

Here there and everywhere, but still no trowel
Do we see a pattern here???

Another day another WSI?

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