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Nick archaeologist...really?
I was reading the Daily Mail website the other day (I read all the major paper's websites, don't judge!) and came across an article about NIck Griffin. I quote the following:

"Other jobs included chopping down trees and assisting on archaeological digs - small fry for a man of his intelligence".

This amused and riled me on two counts:

1) The man has no concept of history at all
2) Small fry? Meaning it does not take intelligence to be an archaeologist

Here's the full article:
You have to wonder just how "intelligent" he is if he believes the history section of the BNP website contains a reasonable and accurate historical timeline.

Maybe his "assisting" was limited to pushing wheelbarrows or emptying the elsans rather than the more intellectualy stimulating elements of excavation!

that's it! Perhaps it was with the Ahnenerbe... phew... not that I am in any way suggesting that the BNP is connected with other more well know right wing organisations!

PeterM Wrote:Maybe his "assisting" was limited to pushing wheelbarrows or emptying the elsans rather than the more intellectualy stimulating elements of excavation!

Perhaps he was the plank that we push wheelbarrows on?

Any other suggestions for 101 uses for Nick Griffiths on an archaeological site?

best one wins a Socialist workers party badge }Smile
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647
Come on guys... you've got it all wrong.
He was really an uneducated metal detectorist! :face-kiss:
Nick Griffin has no intelligence, he is an ignorant small-minded bigot and as last night showed, a mediocre public performer. There are videos of recent, extremely racist speeches he has made available on youtube.

As for his archaeological 'experience', maybe he he was looking for evidence of 'Indigenous British', who as he seemed to suggest on Question Time have been here since the end of the last ice-age.

I am not sure where you would find archaeological evidence for 'Indigenous British', scientific testing has shown that some of the individuals buried in Roman cemeteries, arrived here from Africa or the Near-East, the Saxons from the continent, the Normans from France etc. The 'Indigenous Londoners', who Griffin complains have been driven from an 'Ethnically Cleansed' London over the past 20 years, will have included decendants of the Huguenots, the Irish, the Jewish and all the other communities who have contributed to Britain.

There again maybe he was just looking for 'pure-Ayrian' skull shapes.
I reckon his "assistance" on site was digging his own grave, ready for the inevitable consequences of appearing on QT last night.xx(
Even elsan bog cleaners have mothers who love them
Belhaven is your friend

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