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Welcome to the New Forum and 10 Years of BAJR
Should start off by saying welcome to the clean new BAJR Forum, basically the tip of a larger iceberg that lies within the Federation site. I look forward to you all settling in, pulling up a virtual bar stool and enjoying the stay.

You don't have to get involved in anything other than this if you don't want to. :face-smart:

Just to say, thanks for sticking with BAJR for so long, and hope it makes a difference.!
Happy Birthday BAJR! I have a lot to be thankful to BAJR for. I got my first archaeology job after applying to an advert I saw on the website. It also inspired me to set up my own archaeology website for a short time until other commitments forced me to abandon it.

Congratulations on making it to 10 years and lets hope we'll all be around to celebrate the 20th birthday.
Thanks alot for that.. though I already feel about 20 years older now!
Looking good David and I'm sure it will be as useful (or more so) as it's predecessor! Smile
Congratulations, Mr Hostie. I look forward to exploring the new site further.


careful not to get lost!
Congratulations our fine host, It is all looking rather fine isn't it.

Lets hope for another successful decade Wink
cheer Richard.. I have to confess I am loving this new place. It feels much more interactive.. AND I feel I am getting to know people. I look forward to people beefing up their profiles, with bookmarks, photos, videos, thoughts etc...

It will take some getting used to, but I feel this could be a great resource!
First impressions are good. It's taking a little getting used to but there's nothing too daunting. You got Bulmers on draught here?
looks good so far, be interesting to see how it all develops as it all fills out. Certainly the potential to be a useful place, or to waste a lot of time at work.....

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