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Welcome to the New Forum and 10 Years of BAJR
Good evening David. Nice looking place you have here . my shoulders and hat have been chopped away .
Explorer 2
ah, Mr Jeb... you are looking good

well.. goodish

I try my best David, I`ve led a very hard life up here in the mountains of N Wales .
Explorer 2
Less than 24 hours in and it's already starting to look comfortingly familiar. Having avoided the Facebook revolution I feel a bit like I've been put into a giant comedy catapult and shot into the shiny new future. I expect I'll get the hang of all the stuff going on simultaneously soon enough!Smile

It's looking good. Here's to another 10 years of BAJR! (I miss the thumbs-up smiley!) it's amazing how fast it's become an institution in its own right.

<Musing> I like the grimace on my default icon, I might just keep it.

PS Will you rescue Unit? I feel a little sorry for him wandering around yonder and besides, he makes the rest of us sound sane.
jebster Wrote:hard life up here in the mountains of N Wales

That brings a picture to mind of you living in a cave, and raiding down into the lowlands to forage for food Smile

trowelmonkey Wrote:Will you rescue Unit
One day he will see the error of his old ways, and coming mumbling and drooling to the gates of paradise (or something like that) he could even has his own group
Re: Uo1 - After his behaviour on the previous forum do we really want him here - I would say no!
:face-confused: :0 Wink
Ooooh ooh new confusing forum!!! Nae work will get done for the next three days as I navigate my way round the mystries of the new Bajrfed.

And with the new forum comes a new name - the Peter formerly known as M300572 will now be here as PeterM
Interesting. Seems much more like facebook than the old forum...
Looking good David.
Can't believe I've been on here for over 5 of those years.
Doesn't time fly when your having fun :-)

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