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Bone collector - Guardian Article
ITs too easy to knock people without knowing them ... something we should learn. Why is it that the Brits are best and kicking people when they are up (as well as down)

For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647
What is reverse sexism anyway? I imagine it?s something to do with women not being very good at parking, but I?m probably wrong.

I do know Deidre Gleeson, and I directed excavations on one of the sites she mentions in the profile ? the wetland Bronze Age trackways at Newrath, Waterford. She?s more than able, and I?d be happy recommending any of the staff that worked on that job ? my own personal Vietnam.

There are a couple of things here that need addressing. Firstly, Mouchel (the employer) have a very enlightened recruitment policy. They have 12,000 employees and have been voted in the top 20 companies to work for ? their not new to the idea of equal opportunities! Secondly, consultancy is not so radically different from contracting in terms of its required levels of responsibility. Pay is better in that sector generally, as staff are banded as ?graduate, specialist, senior specialist?, and archaeologists are recognised as equivalent in learning and experience with other disciplines.

Mesvik ? see my other blog comments about sex in archaeology. Either as an attractive ?image improving asset' or as a rallying point for social justice, sex is entirely irrelevant in this context. You can either do your job, or you can?t. And there?s nothing more attractive than seeing someone supremely confident, competent and at the top of their game.

I have no experience of sexism ? reverse, forward or sideways ? in the archaeological work place.

If consultancy is something you would like to get involved in ? go for it. You?ll need a focussed CV, a good balance of experience derived from a range of different site types and landscapes, and an ability to deal with people. But more importantly, you?ll need a positive attitude to archaeology and what it can accomplish. Far too often I?ve seen a debilitating negativity cut short an archaeological career, or at least stunt its growth.
Rather than ?not being female? or ?not being middle class?, carrying such resentment has to be the worst mistake to make in archaeology.

I doubt the wet T Shirt will get you much more than a nasty chill.
Hi Chaps

Yes, I hold up my hands to starting my posts with "Hi Chaps", its a personal affectation that I like to pretend I live in the 19th century, which is ironic as your views on women appear to belong to that period.

In what part of my post did I assume you were male? What I did was call you an unreconstructed Australopithecus.

As you clearly don't understand the insult here's a breakdown for you.

Unreconstructed means "unreconciled to social or cultural change"
Australopithecus is a hominid fossil species the most famous of which is Lucy, a female!

You see it was a sort of tautological insult to make doubly sure you got it, alas I failed!
The reality is that life can be unfair, its the same in any job, however, don't just lash out by simply using your particular bigotry and blaming women. That's just ridiculous, inaccurate and insulting. As for your "two things going for them" comment, that shows the true level of your intellect.
With an attitude like yours I'm not surprised more "inexperienced" people get promoted above you. If you were given responsibility for staff (god forbid female staff) and you exhibited the same tendencies you'd find yourself in an equalities tribunal and your employers would find themselves sued!

Your misplaced ideas make you an employment liability
Its not conclusive that Lucy is female, the assignation of female sex to the remains has been attacked as sexist as it is based on their smaller size and gracility. I've supervised and taught female staff and pupils since 2001, no problems so far, except for getting laid off at one point so a POs girlfriend could have a job. You obviously haven't noticed that I am not "attacking women" just the people who make the recruiting decisions, in fairness probably middle-aged men who can play Tomb Raider one-handed on the Playstation. I've never had a contract that lasted long enough for anyone inexperienced to get promoted above me. Thanks for the advice diggingthedirt but I already do consultancy and yeah it's okay. In all fairness I've probably done very well in archaeology all things considered, I've made (and spent) quite a lot of money, but it has been a struggle at times. My post was intended to stimulate debate on where archaeology is going and what we can do to improve it, not to make or invite attacks. For the record I look great in a wet t-shirt.

Ignore the voices in your head, listen to what I'm actually saying.:face-kiss:
Careful, it might be hallucinogEeEe**33nnnn..

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