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consultants and curators
Well, the count on the other side currently stands at 0. Also, I think I can confidently speak for 11 (the current archaeology staff level in my company), and for a whole load of others that I have worked with over the last 13 years, in two different companies. I don't think any of them was anything but a dedicated, committed archaeologist, and none of them felt any conflict of interest in working as a consultant.

I do know of one consultancy firm that has a reputation (whether deserved or not) for unethical behaviour - but then I know of several field units with worse reputations. Don't lay everything that goes wrong at the door of the consultant.

What we do have is a lot of anecdote from Troll, who is not a consultant, and who lays at the door of consultants a lot of ill-doing that sounds as if it is either his misunderstanding or at least equally the fault of units or curators.


to let, fully furnished
I could add an equal amount of anecdotes in the same vein as Troll, but don't much see the point while the burden of proof that seems to be required would put some courts to shame. And there is always the fall back defense of a misunderstanding or lack of communication.

I recently had a shocking conversation with a friendly and very good local curator, which left me in no doubt that my own quite negative feelings about archaeological consultants were if anything too charitable.
At the same time, we could all come up with some pretty shocking anecdotes about contracting units, university digs, curators, etc. ect. etc.

If we can find one or more shocking anecdotes about members of any given branch of the profession - does that mean that the whole branch is rotten? Or does this apply only to consultants?


to let, fully furnished

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