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Mileage Rates and Expenses
How many miles do you claim for per year?
Some of the info here might be useful.

Quote:quote:Originally posted by drpeterwardle
David how about a BAJR guide on tax for those employed in archaeology. What can people who are employed claim for?

I would be happy to help with such a guide. Many 'employed' archaeologists are unaware that they are entitled to claim a number of work related expenses against tax. The trade union Prospect offers/used to offer its members a tax advisory service, but in my experience they were never very good with dealing with archaeology. BAJR may be able to plug that gap.

I would suggest that some caveat is attached however, as having had 25 years of tax officers sometimes accepting, sometimes refusing expense claims, you don't want a whole bunch of archaeologists claiming 'but you said we could get this' if the 'Revenue' queries a claim.

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