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Should I stay or should I go?
I am in my mid twenties and have been working in archaeology since I finished university. As archaeology goes I am on the very respectable wage of £17k, have a perminant job, and I really enjoy what I am doing. However I have bizzarly been "headhunted" and potentially been offered I job completely outside of archaeology with a starting salary of £30k. That amount of money would prove extremely useful obviously but it would mean giving up the job I love. If I leave archaeology now it was potentially be quite hard to get back into it if things didnt work out but I would feel I was being quite selfish turning down the opportunity to take a huge chunk off our mortgage. The money is attractive I have to admit! Would others take the opportunity or are you all too loyal?
Hi Squid that is a dilema, I had exacatly the oppesite I trained as car mechanic, after my GCSEs, but quit, I didnt like the job that much, after doing a few other jobs I went to uni and now do archaeology.

Its upto you it is an oppertunity for 30K a year is a lot of money, you have to talk it through with your other half.

Me, I would honestly take it if meant I could pay off debt and it shouldnt be that hard to get into, you can always keep your hand in doing communities projects as a volenteer.

But yes it is hard choice hope you can make a decision that makes you happy.


May god go with you in all the dark places you must walk.
I think you should give it a go. If you don't enjoy it, come back to archaeology after a couple of years. Things don't change that much and if you have several years experience then you will easily get a job. I've worked with people who cmae back to digging after 10 years + away from the job.

Its better to regret someting you did than something you didn't do.
Have to say.... you do what makes you happy... if you would regret not doing it then you know the answer already.

As they have said.. keep your hand in, do Community Arch and enjoy being an archaeologist - You can always return..

Life is too short.

Another day another WSI?
I would take the cash and go...If it goes pear-shaped at least you can return to archaeology with a bit of a pension and a smaller mortgage - mind you, you would be mad to go back (in my view)!!

I left archaeology some years ago and moved into the neighbouring "heritage industry" on higher wages and better conditions - haven't looked back since

Whatever route you take - best of luck
Congratulations - guess that any job is a trade off with pros and cons. No job has everything and with archaeology it always seems to to boil down to money and you will be in archaeology a long long time before you get offerd an arch job on that wage!

Archaeology seems to be experiencing a drain of skills and experience and if you leave now you should hav enuff exp to return to a relatively good job so the decision you make now is not as drastic as first seems.

Id give it a try if i was in your possition - you may love the new job and bet you any money their be a wet muddy hole somewhere for you if it doesnt work out and if you do decide the lure of arch is too strong at least youll return with a bit of the finantial burden removed

Good luck whatever you decide

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