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agenda for bajr conference
I know judy has started a new topic about this, but thought I should refer you all to it, on ethnic minorities in archaeology. Think that should be added to the agenda. What can be done to encourage a more ethnically diverse workforce?

++ i spend my days rummaging around in dead people ++
The fieldwork requirement for the IoA/UCL was 100 working days. Some of that was work on IoA training digs and Primtech. HND at DIHE used to be 10 weeks

Little Tim
Rightyho. With many thanx to Sniper, we are close to announcing a potential venue for our very first BAJR conference.Will be having a natter with Mr Hosty on monday and will release details shortly thereafter.Won`t be long and a call for papers/finalising of sessions/timings etc will be on the cards.Posters/flyers/announcements in appropriate publications etc should follow soon.Watch this space peeps........Big GrinBig Grin[:p]

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